SCORE, is a multi-player online mix between an player driven open world game and a football simulation where players compete for fame, glory and wealth on a global scale on and off the pitch, by interacting with each other in the city through professions and progressing successfully in there clubs of choice. Later this year we will expand the game with DLC’s for Hockey and Basketball, stay tuned for more things to come 🙂

SCORE immerses the player in a realistic environment that tests the player’s ability to function as a member on a soccer team as well as their adeptness at surviving the swift streets of Legend City intermixed with the shady dealings of the city’s underworld.

By choosing a profession – police officer, firefighter, drug dealer, taxi driver, judge, politician, etc – the player experiences the dark side of fame. Buy apartments, cars, guns, clothes, furniture. Race downtown. Order a hit. Blackmail a politician.

Reputation, money, glory – it’s all on the line.

Just like in soccer leagues, players can be traded and bought by either AI or Player coaches of other clubs – if the price is right. Imagine starting your soccer career in Spain and finishing it in Brazil. Teams will be able to play a fully featured soccer game in “Club Mode”, and other tourneys, like National and International Tournaments, custom games and play locally with up to 8 players.

Choose your profession wisely.

Play with passion.

Get it all.

Profession Driven City

Legend City is a large city completely driven by USERS!!!.
You will be able to take on the role of a Police Officer, Paramedic, Firefighter, Assassin, Drug Dealer, Reporter,Truck Driver, Garbage collector,Shop Owner and many many more, to help run the city, are you up for this challenge? 

Get Into The Action

The main goal of the game is to get fame and glory. And what better way then challenging other online users to become a football legend in our first sports installment, you will be able to play for your club and help it win desired trophies and prestige but you also will have the possibility to just hop on a friendly match, with strangers in our 10vs10 custom matches or even play locally with up to 8 players on the same PC. We are planning on Hockey and Basketball DLC’s.

Huge Multiplayer Open World

The open world around Legend City is massive and all together around 256 km2 or 98.8 square miles. Surrounded by a big ocean.  You will encounter many things to do in this world for example race with more then 50 different types of cars or visit the Casino and try your luck with Poker,Blackjack,Roulette and many other games. Or visit a Night club , stock up on your ammo for the next Mafia related gang war. 

CEO / 3D Artist Lisa

Lead 2D Artist Robert

CTO / Lead Producer Zvonko

Lead Music Composer Marc

Lead Environment Artist Cristian

Lead 3D Model Artist Andrea

Steam Lead 2D Artist Heather

Lead Environment Developer Nikola

Backend Developer Matthew

Sound Artist Mike

Senior Developer Mario

Environment Developer Joaquin

Steam Developer Malik

Sound Artist Brian

3D Environment Artist Ovidiu

Community Manager Adrian

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