In the Club Mode you will play division matches against other clubs in 10 vs 10. This is the most important mode of the game to get famous and rich.

Reporters will write articles about your legendary goals, nightly escapades or just your new hot car you had to have. But with being famous comes responsibility or at least don’t be caught when doing the next heist or when you have the urge to fill the opponents goalie with bullets instead of scoring on him in the match. 

In the club mode section of the game you will be able to play division , national cups and master clubs if your team is one of the 4 best in division 1 of your region against other regions. You will be experiencing many clubs during your career  and its up to you if you wanna follow the path of money and glory or just keep playing with your buddies, but one thing is for sure you have to get the best out of your contracts to be able to manage a club of your own one day.


In Custom Matches you will be able to play friendly games against random online users in a  up to 10 vs 10 mode with the possibility to either Host the

match or Join a random one to better your skills. 

We will introduce a offline match mode where you can play with up to 7

buddies on the same PC (depending on free USB ports and game-pad hardware)

Later this year we will introduce tournaments 1vs1  and 10vs10  also playable as international clubs.   


After playing many games and reaching seniority status and some money set aside you will be able to buy a club and change the name , the look of the jerseys and the logo as well to make it really unique.

But being a club manager needs a lot of management skills you have to negotiate real users contracts, trade them to other clubs if the price is right and manage to keep your costs low and club achievements high. Not a easy task but well worth it.   

If you have enough money you can get the best users of your server to play for your club and also you will be able to upgrade your stadium to host special events like a live music concert or other upcoming events.